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We strive to be an exceptional, proactive property management company that effectively manages, partners and protects your investments, while leaving the decisions up to you!î

SLA Management Group has a refreshing new approach to managing multi-family and HOA properties. We are a strong management company whose only agenda is protecting our clientís investments. We call our approach Proactive Management.

As a SLA Group client, your property is supervised by a smaller staff of seasoned professionals with experience managing multi-family properties locally in Seattle. A boutique-sized company ensures an investor’s individual needs are met, yet is substantial enough to provide exceptional service with highly trained staff and the latest software..

Proactive management: Having the foresight to identify potential problems before they arise as well as mitigating areas of risk.

SLA Management Group practices proactive management for HOAs by providing information and options to board members in order for them to make informed decisions for their association. We will provide you with timely, and easy to understand financial reports, multiple bids for repair items, and phone calls and emails promptly returned.

Our philosophy is that you stay in charge of your association, not the property management company! SLA Group enacts your requests and simply provides answers to your questions. You decide what youíd like done, and we do it for you. With SLA Group, you will always be in control.

Our new approach to HOA management is not to charge you for various individual services that we provide. Instead, we deal with only one flat competitive fee. We do not work with “per-fax” charges, “per-page” charges, or “per-phone call” charges. We provide unlimited exceptional service all the time at only one charge. It is not hard to know what good HOA management is; the hard part is finding a company that understands how to deliver it.

Community management is not just about buildings, grounds and maintenance. Its about communications being the best that it can be both internally within our company and without. A communication triangle exists between the management, leadership and membership in any given community. Our success comes from our ability to foster, nurture, enhance and empower communication within this triangle.

See how Proactive Management can turn your property into the economical and stable building it should be.

SLA Management Group, Helping make your Community Better!

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